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Are you one of the thousands of people who visited and enjoyed Great Bear Springs Recreation Area in the last year? Did you know that the northern third of Great Bear is actually private property? The owner has generously allowed public access to trails over the past 10 years, but now has put this 130-acre property up for sale. Friends of Great Bear, the volunteer land stewards who take care of Great Bear, have engaged the Central New York Land Trust ( to apply for a grant from NY State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation, to save and keep this property as part of Great Bear. Would you write a letter of support today? Time is of the essence to save this beautiful place. Friends of Great Bear even provide a ready-made letter at their website for you. If saved, the property will be turned over to the Town of Volney to remain as part of Great Bear, forever natural and open to the public, rather than barred from public use.

If you enjoy Great Bear and want to see the northern third of it saved, you can help with a letter of support sent to Friends of Great Bear, to be submitted with the grant application.

Please use this sample letter or write our own, besure to include your name

  1. Download and save the sample letter of support
  2. Edit the letter to add your name and optional personal comment
  3. Save the letter
  4. Email your letter to
    Or mail it to Friends of Great Bear, PO Box 4061, Oswego NY 13126

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About Great Bear:

Friends of Great Bear is made up of residents of Oswego County, interested in the conservation and protection of the Great Bear Recreation Area. This unique area is owned by the City of Fulton and the Town of Volney. A diversity of flora and fauna, varying terrain and the Oswego River and Oswego Canal make Great Bear a great place for non-motorized recreation such as hiking, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. Great Bear is a great place to hike, walk the dog, ride a mountain bike. In the winter you can ski or snowshoe. Trails are all "single track" wooded trails. You can also walk down the Oswego River to swim or fish.

In cooperation with the City of Fulton, Town of Volney and private land owners, we are advocates for the preservation and protection of this natural environment, so that the public may share and make use of the property wisely as a recreational resource. With help from local businesses.

Great Bear is an offical walk of the Niagara Volkssport Clubs.

The Great Bear property is located between Fulton and Phoenix New York on Route 57. Parking and the entrance to Great Bear are at Route 57 and Great Bear Road.

Please remember not to leave valuables in your vehicle.

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